Colorado ManREACH: A Statewide Network of Friends

Each year, Colorado ManREACH hosts several, unique and engaging community-building events throughout the state — and you’re invited! The locations of these events (referred to as “gatherings”) vary and include venues in Northern and Southern Colorado, the Western Slope and Four Corners region.

Every ManREACH gathering offers a fun, eclectic mix of workshops and activities in a safe, healthy, supportive environment. One-day events are held in the spring and fall. The summer gatherings are three days long and provide additional time for us to share our stories and learn more about ourselves and each other. Nowhere else in Colorado can GBQT men find a more extensive network of friends and resources than at a ManREACH gathering.

Colorado ManREACH was created in 2004 by and for gay, bisexual, queer and transgender men who live in the rural, mountain and frontier regions of Colorado. It has two primary goals. The first is to build a heart-centered community of GBQT men in Colorado. The other is to reduce HIV and STI transmission and infection rates among us.

Colorado ManREACH believes the acceptance, support and collective wisdom found in community can empower us to live healthier, more fulfilling and happier lives as individuals. We hope you’ll join us at one of our upcoming gatherings. Check out the links below for additional information or to register for any or all of our upcoming events.